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Staff Directory

EMS Administrator Team

Pictured is the administrative team (Ms. McKay, Ms. Consalvo, Ms. Murdock, and Mr. D'Imperio) and our shirts say it best, "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"!

EMS is a safe, diverse, and accepting environment which enables all students to attain academic and social success. We are home of the pirates and we are Safe, Respectful, and Responsible (SR2). Our goal is to collaborate with families and the community to create a positive and supportive culture. As a parent, you can be involved by monitoring students grades, personal technology devices, the EMS website, and communicating with the staff as needed.

Let's work together throughout the year to ensure all of our students are provided the highest quality of education possible in a safe and supported learning environment!


Name Contact Position
Ms. J. Consalvo  Principal

Assistant Principals

Name Contact Position
Ms. D. McKay 8th Grade Assistant Principal
Ms. S. Murdock 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Mr. T. D'Imperio 7th Grade Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Contact Position
Ms. W. Prasada-Rao Secretary to the Principal
Ms. C. Shultz Registrar
Ms. C. Fox         Attendance Secretary

Health Office

Name Contact Position
Ms. L. Hall Nurse
Ms. B. Krum

Ms. A. Xavier School Psychologist


Name Contact Position
Mr. C. Adams Math IRT
Ms. K. Williams ELA IRT


Name Contact Position
Ms. M. Abney 8th Grade Counselor
Mr. K. Tompkins 6th Grade Counselor
Ms. N. Gibb 7th Grade Counselor
Ms. D. McKissick LAP Counselor


Name Contact Position
Mr. J. Carter Art 
Ms. A. Ryan Art
Ms. A. Hayden Physical Education/Health
Mr. B. Gray I.T
Ms. E. Tonini

Physical Education
Mr. W. Plotner Physical Education
Ms. A. Garcia-Clark Chorus
Mr. C. Karnbach Strings
Mr. R Johnson Band
Ms. K. Koch


Ms. W. Johnson Media Specialist
Ms. M. Toussaint SSW
Ms. L. Galati PPW
Ms. D. Deal   Apprentice

English/Language Arts

Name Contact Position
Ms. S. Wilson-Cole 

Ms. J. Davis ELA
Ms. R. Watson ELA
Ms. L. Morrison ELA
Ms. R. Linthicum ELA
Ms. A. Michie ELA
Ms. P. Bromley ELA
Ms. L. Jennings ELA
Ms. S. Steede ELA
Ms. A. Davis ELA
Ms. S. Cary ELA


Name Contact Position
Ms. T. Butler Science
Ms. A. Wood Science
Ms. E. Waldron Science
Ms. N. Thompson Science
Ms. J. Ellis Science
Ms. A. Sichko Science


Name Contact Position
Ms. J. Cazares Mathematics
Mr. V. Myers Mathematics
Ms. P. Fost Mathematics
Ms. L. Henrichsen Mathematics
Mr. J. Kramer Mathematics
Ms. T. Musolino  Mathematics
Ms. M. Skulski Mathematics
Mr. P. Quade Mathematics
Ms. D. Waldron Mathematics
Mr. S. Westgate Mathematics
Ms. M. Cross Mathematics

Social Studies

Name Contact Position
Ms. M. Dollins Social Studies
Mr. M. McDevitt Social Studies
Ms. C. Nowlin Social Studies
Ms. E. Buchanan

 Social Studies
Mr. M. Sturgess Social Studies
Ms. A. Slavings Social Studies


Name Contact Position
Dr. M. Flores ESOL
Mr. C. Lopez World Languages

Special Education

Name Contact Position
Ms. M. McGuffie-Miner   Special Education Paraeducator
Mr. C. Collins Special Education Teacher
Ms. L. Calloway SAIL
Ms. S. Kruszka Special Education Teacher
Ms. H. Fuentes   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. A. Evans Special Education Teacher
Mr. D. Morris

Special Education Teacher
Mr. D. Bowling Jr.   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. A. Eichel  Special Education Teacher
Ms. J. Palmira Special Education Teacher
Ms. T. Beall   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. L. Smith   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. N. Adkins   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. J. O'Shea Special Education Teacher
Ms. A. Warner Special Education Paraeducator
Mr. D. Sapp Special Education Teacher
Ms. B. St. Laurent Special Education
Ms. Horan   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. R. McHenry   Special Education Paraeducator
Ms. K. Carlsen Speech
Mr. D. Perz   Special Education Paraeducator


Name Contact Position
Ms. K. Bryer   Cafeteria Manager
Ms. D. Martin   Cafeteria Ast. Manager
Ms. S. Briscoe   Cafeteria Staff
Ms. N. Hopkins   Cafeteria Staff 
Ms. C. Schumacher   Cafeteria Staff
Ms. L. Ferm   Cafeteria Staff
Ms. Y. Hodge   Cafeteria Staff
Ms. M. Allen   Cafeteria Staff

Building Service

Name Contact Position
Mr. T. Herbert   Building Service Manager
Mr. W. Randall   Building Service Assistant Manager
Mr. R. Brooks   Building Service Assistant Manager
Ms. J. Lake   Building Service Worker
Ms. R. Ford   Building Service Worker
Mr. T. Hill   Building Service Worker

Safety and Security

Name Contact Position
Mr. J. Clemente   Safety and Security
Ms. A. Bryant   Safety and Security
Mr. R. Chase   SRO
Mr. Z. Sawyer   Safety and Security