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School Policies

Portable Electronic Communication Devices

 As per the St. Mary’s County Public Schools Regulation JFDF-R, “Possession or Use of Portable Electronic and Wireless Communication Devices”: 

School personnel have the right to limit the use of electronic communication devices that impede the instructional climate in the school, create a disturbance, or disrupt the school environment. 

Students may possess wireless communication devices. The devices must be kept out of sight and turned off from the beginning of the instructional day (the start of the first class) to the end of the instructional day (the end of the last class). The devices may not be used or allowed to emit any ringtone or other noise on school grounds when students are participants in school-sponsored programs or activities to include, but are not limited to athletics, fine arts, and school clubs. In an exceptional circumstance, a staff member may authorize the use of a cell phone for an appropriate reason. Students may use wireless communication devices in circumstances if they have first received direct and expressed permission from authorized school personnel to include classroom teachers and bus drivers.

The use of these devices during field trips and other school-sponsored activities off school grounds is subject to the same conditions at the discretion of the supervising staff member.

Esperanza Middle School procedures: 

First Offense

  • Phone will be confiscated
  • Warning and a reminder of cell phone policy
  • Student will reclaim phone at the end of the school day

Second Offense

  • Phone will be confiscated
  • Student reminded of cell phone policy
  • Phone returned to parent during normal school hours.

Third Offense

  • Phone will be confiscated
  • Student reminded of cell phone policy.
  • Phone returned to parent during normal school hours.
  • A referral will be written and the student will be assigned ISI

We suggest electronic devices remain at home, as they are not needed at school. If you decide you will allow your child to have a portable, electronic communication device (this includes iPods, IPads, PSPs, MP3 players) at school, please know the safekeeping of that item is the sole responsibility of your child.  This includes loss, vandalism, or theft of the device.