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Contact Information

Name Contact Position
Ms. M. Abney 8th Grade Counselor
Mr. K. Tompkins 6th Grade Counselor
Ms. N. Gibb 7th Grade Counselor

Middle School Counseling Services

The Counseling Program at Esperanza Middle School stresses student development in three major areas: academic achievement, career and educational decision-making, and personal and social growth.   

Academic Achievement

  • Schedule students for academic classes
  • Help students adjust to the school and plan their programs.
  • Help students with time-management.
  • Consult with teachers on ways to improve student academic achievement.

 Career and Educational Decision-Making

  •  Assess student aptitudes & interests and explore career options.
  • Help students discover their strengths and weaknesses in relation to school performances.

 Personal and Social Development

  • Reinforce problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Help students use their problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Help students advocate for themselves with staff.

Counselors deliver the program in a variety of ways. Responsive counseling services are provided in individual and group settings when students need help in any of the three areas of emphasis. The student, parent, or member of the staff may initiate these services.

Counselors also provide large-scale instruction for all students.  For example counselors at the Esperanza Middle School conduct classroom lessons on suicide prevention and career development.  Middle school counselors also support the overall school program by coordinating such activities as orientation of new students and parents,  participation on interdisciplinary teams to determine special services for students, and providing for the academic placement of students in classes.


School counselors are committed to providing resources and support for students and families.  Please check here to access some of the resources suggested by the Esperanza counselors.

After School Mentor and Volunteer Applications

Family Resources

Discussion Starters for Families from Search Institute 

The End of a Friendship

Sometimes our kids are upset because a friendship is ending. Here are some ways you can help. 

The End Of A Friendship 

ADD and LD

ADDitude Magazine provides strategies and support for ADD and LD. ADDitude Magazine is not affiliated with SMCPS. The links below will send you to an external site.

The New Way to Study with ADHD


In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Facebook and Instagram partnered with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to create a guide to help parents talk with their teens about using Facebook and Instagram.

A Parent's Guide to Safety in the Online Community

Contact Information

​Ms. N. Gibb
7th Grade Counselor

Ms. M. Abney
8th Grade Counselor

Mr. K. Tompkins
6th Grade Counselor